October 29, 2011


...In all its glory. Oh how I love thee! There's no doubt that October is my favorite month of the year.

Tennis season always starts wrapping up around the middle of October...even if you didn't break your strings. (Side note: Devin said he's never seen me more excited than right after this happened (breaking my strings). That's because the boys I played tennis with in high school made fun of me that I went through multiple tennis seasons without ever breaking my strings (which they would do about once or twice a season). So there, I finally did it!)

Kids make lots of fun school projects and write adorable poems about leaves, like this.

The fun decorations!

And birthdays galore...

I made this poster for my boss's birthday out of posters from the activities we plan.  He also had us over for dinner earlier this month for some AMAZING dutch oven food...it was inspiring.

My birthday: I had to go to the elementary school all day and then straight to work until about 5:30, working on activities and some school projects.  Devin picked me up and we went to Noodles & Co to get some Pesto Cavatappi and then right next door to Red Mango (thank you Heather!) for some pumpkin spice frozen yogurt (you HAVE to try it, it is so yummy and has the perfect blend of pumpkin, sweet, tart, and spice. Great with a topping of their mini Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips!)
We came home and opened the presents above, which Devin always displays so nicely :) And then popped some popcorn and watched The Tourist.
I italicized those words above because while eating our froyo I realized that I really love things that start with p: pesto, pumpkin, popcorn, presents (one of which was a purple shirt that I love) and even though I do not love projects, they just happened to be high on the priority list that day.

And today is my brother's birthday!  Ben is turning T-W-E-N-T-Y! 20!
I always loved having our birthdays so close because it was so fun to celebrate with him, especially when we'd have combined birthday parties.  I hope he's having an awesome day, in fact I know he is because they are going to Shady Maple for lunch, jealllouuss. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

One reason I've always loved October is because it's too early for it to SNOW, especially in PA  
Starting at about 9:00 this morning they were getting their fair share of it. My dad said my black lab looked like a Dalmation this morning :)

So, I'm not jealous of that because here is our lovely street in P-town with all its fall colors and crisp leaves.  This morning's air was perfectly cool and brisk, just the way fall should be.
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  1. I love October, too, and my two October babies! I hope our autumn is not officially ending with this storm - it was just starting to get really beautiful!
    We scrapped Shady Maple for a shorter trip to Applebee's, but power was out in Thorndale, so went to the one in Exton. Coming back, the roads were getting really slick, and now the snow is really coming down! Most of the morning it alternated rain, snow, sleet, but wasn't that cold. I think we really will get at least 4 inches now.
    Loved your post! Love you.

  2. I have the same Jar decorations! They were so fun and easy to make. I'm planning on making some for Christmas!! You look like you are having fun! :)