September 11, 2011


This world is just so beautiful.  Being in Alaska this summer definitely assured us of that but even more so we have found that everywhere you go is beautiful in it's own special way.   Finding the beauty in this earth is one of the biggest ways we feel God's love, as he created this for US!
We took a hike up to Secret Lake (Cecret Lake) in Little Cottonwood Canyon yesterday.  I encourage anyone who can to do it - it's only a 1 mile hike and it's set up in the mountains where the Alta Ski resort operates in the winter.
 I see now why Devin and his brothers/dad love to go backpacking up to lakes in the mountains every summer.  It is so rewarding to reach an "oasis" after even just the smallest hike like this one.
 (This wildflower that we found looked JUST like Fireweed, a wildflower that was all over Alaska)

Now, I cannot go without remembering the events that occurred on September 11th, 10 years ago today.  

My brother and I were starting our first year of "online homeschooling", so I wasn't in a classroom but in my bedroom putting together a bookshelf when my mom called me downstairs, where she and my dad were watching the news.  I didn't know what the Twin Towers were, but when I saw the second plane hit on live tv, I knew something horrible was happening.  It was rare for my dad to be home on a weekday, and I can't remember why he was, but I love that we were able to experience it all together as a family, feeling blessed knowing some people didn't know if their family was going to come home that night.
As we remember this today, I'd like to direct you to a blog that belongs to a friend of ours named Corina Sorensen.  She put a tremendous remembrance of this day (written/spoken by Thomas S. Monson, the Prophet and President of our church) on her blog.  CLICK HERE to visit her post.
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  1. This is nice, Claire. We had received your new computers for online school and were setting them up. Do you remember that Dad was also home that day? Was Dad EVER home during a weekday in September? No...but I have always felt it was such a blessing that we were all home together when that happened! I feel bad for those whose families were scattered at school and work, especially those who had loved ones near NYC or Wash DC! Love you!

  2. The thought actually came to mind that Dad was home, but I was like wait, that was a weekday, he couldn't have been home. I knew he was :) Yes, that was so nice to all be together.