September 9, 2011

Back again

Being two weeks into school we are finally adjusted.  BIG thanks to Devin, who deemed himself the stay-at-home-husband lately.  Our apartment would still be in some boxes if he hadn't been home to unpack, clean, organize, etc.
Lame wife moment:
Devin: "I don't like the way this dish soap smells..."
Claire: "I wouldn't know, I haven't done dishes yet."
But that's all going to change...Devin's been so productive and has had some job interviews and I now have my schedule under control.  Knowing that, he just laughed at me.

While dishes haven't been getting done, we've been:

Driving to and fro Idaho!  Labor day weekend was spent at Devin's parent's house sleeping in a tent in the backyard (with big comfy mattresses. the only way to camp), roasting hot dogs and banana boats around the firepit, eating delicious food (garden grown, yum. miss that), catching some rays and wakes on the Snake River on wakeboards, surfboards, and my favorite: the banana tube :)
Sorry, my camera has seen better, outside of my book bag, which is where it's been since we got back to Provo - we've just been enjoying the moments.

Some things for the future:
-Coming up this weekend is the 10 year anniversary of 9/11...TEN year?!  Where were you?
-Student teaching application due this upcoming this really happening?  My classes this semester are ALL about preparing us for building curriculum/assessment/all the other stuff that goes into managing a classroom of "miniature carbon-based life forms we call children" as my math teacher puts it :) And I'm terrified but excited all at the same time. love that feeling
-Can't wait to go to the temple Monday morning with Devin, we haven't been since before Alaska!
-Hoping this WARM, SUNNY, BLUE SKY weather sticks around for just a little longer...I thrive in it Pin It

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