May 27, 2010

The adventures begin

I feel like it's appropriate for the first post of this blog to depict Devin's trip to Pennsylvania that made me appreciate, love, and learn so much about him when I thought that he would be the only one doing the learning. I was honestly kind of nervous to have him come...things that I've told him about and said before, I just knew he couldn't understand or really know until he actually was here to experience and see for himself. Well, my favorite thing about the trip was seeing the things I've always seen and known through his eyes.
Things I learned from Devin: Family is family no matter what they do or need, cheesesteaks have a taste resemblence to sloppy joes, PT cruisers are so nice to ride in it doesn't matter how ugly they are, he can win the heart of an 83 year old woman with his French speaking skills, he can run from one side of a pond to another in the time that it takes for a self-timing camera to take a picture, a road I've driven through many times apparantly looks like the rain forest, you can drive from Philadelphia to Idaho in 2 days in a 1988 Volvo wagon with no AC.


Our outings:
Rita's Water Ice (Swedish Fish Flavor!)

Amish Country - Buggy ride above, ravioli cutter below

New Jersey beach and boardwalk. Funnel cake, attack of the seagulls, and $5 sunglasses :)

Last but not least eventful, Philadelphia
Live crabs at the Reading Terminal

Ice cream:$4
Taxi: $20
Parking ticket: $76
Towing fee: $150
Seeing Devin's patience with the crazy Philadelphians and having something to laugh about later: Priceless
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  1. It was so fun to see the pictures from the trip! What a rotten parking ticket though, bummer. You are going to have to send me your email addresses so I can invite you to our blog!

  2. Yeah!! Another fun family blog to follow. I loved reading about your time together in Philly. Great pics and such a nice narrative!
    If you had the presence of mind to take a picture with the ticket in hand....awe, you are doing just fine!
    There are some things in life you just have to swallow hard and......laugh! If it makes you feel any better, we "earned" ourselves 2 tickets while we were visiting last year!
    Love you! Keep writing!

  3. Aw, haha thanks! Yeah, I'm glad we can laugh about it now and we're both just working and working so it hardly seems like the money is gone. Glad to finally join the blogging bandwagon! :)

  4. wow! long time no see. you look good buddy. looks like your pretty darn happy. good job! sorry i wont make it to the reception in utah.