October 3, 2015

Fun at the Farmstead

I won free tickets to The Farmstead in Meridian, ID with a picture that I posted on Instagram! I was excited to win because this corn maze is more expensive than the other one in town but a ticket includes some rides and games and things that you have to pay extra for at the other one, so we were curious how this one compared and wanted to go before our lives got crazy this month!

Ava was so curious why this scarecrow didn't have a head so I plopped her up there to put her head on his "neck" and this is what I got. (She actually thought the idea was funny but oh man these kids were tired today!)

Hilarious Owen face, not very becoming of this little goof but I couldn't leave it out.

We found corn in hair, socks, pants, diapers, and shoes all the way home...and poor Owen took a nap after with some between his "cheeks" the whole time - whoops!! (but how in the world does it get there? ha!)

We could have done the slide 100 more times! I love seeing Ava be more adventurous as she gets older. She even mustered up the guts to give a high five and a hug to a man walking around in an ice cream cone suit. We didn't make it to the corn maze part or pumpkin patch because the kids were soooo tired. But thanks to Ava, we already have a good assortment on our porch (thank you pumpkin displays outside the grocery store). Happy Fall! Pin It