February 2, 2015

January Salt Lake Trip

A couple weekends ago we took a trip down to Salt Lake to celebrate Grandma Harper's 84th birthday with all of Devin's cousins and their families. Sadly I don't actually have pictures of the birthday celebration, but we did have a fun day in Salt Lake on Saturday before the party began.

The Trax station was a 5 minute walk from The Little America hotel where we stayed so we took it down to Temple Square and explored the visitor's centers.

It was so fun to hear stories about Grandma from her children and catch up with all of Devin's cousins. Seeing everyone together made me realize what a joy it must be to see your posterity grow and make good choices that bless their lives. She is such a wonderful example to all those around her of a hard-working, faithful woman and we love her!

And for some other random things worth documenting...

Neil and Laura must have thought they had a small army with them when they got pizza Friday night. They brought two pizzas (this size) back to the hotel for us from The Pie Pizzaria and all 8 adults and 7 kids only put a slight dent in these bad boys. Can you even tell by the spoon in the picture how big this really was?! Big or small, it was the BEST pizza I have EVER had!

After waking up multiple times in the night with Owen, Ava woke up bright and early as well, so I took her for a walk down to the lobby of the hotel so we wouldn't wake Devin and we stopped in the hallway bathroom on the way. They were so fancy and chic with granite enclosed stalls and a little sitting area so we sat and got ready for the day. As tired as I was, it was a fun little mommy-daughter moment with Ava.

There were about 20 little kids at Grandma's birthday celebration and Ava was pretty shy toward everyone at the beginning of the night but by the end she was running around having the time of her life with all the little girls. Here she is with Chris and Carlie's little girl Naomi, who has the best hair I've ever seen :) Pin It

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