September 7, 2014

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Owen has been blessed to meet all but two of his living grandparents in the last three weeks! Can't wait for my dad to be able to come out with my mom for Thanksgiving and hopefully it won't be too long before we see Laura's mom, Grandma Kathleen!

My mom and Devin's mom have been Grandmothering my babies the last two weeks in every way.   I'm so glad they have these sweet women to love, and learn from!  My dad said he can't wait to play with Ava in a couple months.  That seems to be a grandpa's best quality - a playmate! Ava asks for "airplane" rides and "horsey" rides everyday because of the fun times she has with her Grandpa Neil. 

^^This last picture...Her aging hands against the new skin of a tiny baby tells the story of a woman who has worked so hard in all her years - true to her faith, wife of a farmer, and a loving mother who raised her children with the same work ethic and righteousness.  To me, it is this work and love that makes grandparents some of the best examples we have of what is most important and how to live a meaningful life.^^ Pin It

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  1. Aww. I love this! Especially seeing sweet baby Owen! :] Grandparents really are the best!!