August 27, 2014

Fourth Anniversary

Since I was so close to having our baby, we didn't plan anything big for our anniversary this year.  But we did decide that some fancy dining would be fun so we went downtown to an Italian place called Asiago's and boy was it DELICIOUS. I have actually seen a Groupon for this restaurant for forever and always wanted to try it, based on a couple people who said it's great, so we got $40 worth of food for $20!  We never get dessert at restaurants but their dessert menu looked so good we decided to skip the appetizers and splurge on dessert - SO glad we did!

Devin got a yummy "marscapone lime tart" and I got a layered ice cream cake that Cold Stone makes exclusively for this restaurant.  That outer shiny chocolate layer is called "ganache".  There were a lot of italian food words on their menu and Devin and I had fun deciphering what everything was. I'm a total foodie so I was having a blast recognizing and learning new food words. 

Downtown Boise is a really neat place. SO clean, there's a total hipster vibe - lots of "granolas", people with dogs, bicyclists, etc.  We decided to eat outside because it wasn't TOO hot of a night and it was fun to get a better city experience - there was a bike bar that rode down our street a couple times.  It's like a bar except everyone sitting at the bar is pedaling while drinking, making the "vehicle" move and someone in front steering it where to go.  It was pretty funny to watch.  I also love all the interesting buildings - in some places there is a really old looking stone or brick building right attached to a tall, shiny, modern looking building. Then there were some fun looking old cars right outside where we were eating.  It was such a beautiful night to be together, enjoying the most delicious food, and talking about our lives without any interruption! 

And a big thanks to Devin's brother Garrett for watching Ava while we went.  It was so nice of him, considering it was his last night in Boise (or so we all thought) after spending the whole summer with us doing an internship here.  It's a good thing we didn't end up planning an overnight get away because I went into labor early the next morning! 

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