February 14, 2014

An Announcement Full of Love

On our 3 1/2 year anniversary, we'd like to announce:

That our family is currently at 3 1/2!
Happy Valentine's Day! 
Taken bright and early this morning, can you tell?
I'm 12.5 weeks along, feeling great (I know, I'm lucky!), and my only symptom is craving/eating just about everything! lol...might explain why I seem to be showing about a month earlier than with Ava.

And if any of you received this in the mail this week...
We'd like to update that baby is coming August 25th!! 
(not September, like we thought and had printed, whoops!)
By the way, my super talented friend Corina Sorensen 
designed our postcard (minus the tacky arrow and written in date - I did that) and had them printed/shipped to me.  I couldn't be more thankful!!  She ALSO made that adorable portable chalkboard mat above ^^ for Ava's birthday. We love her! She does great design work and I'm planning on having her redesign this here blog soon. Can't wait!

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  1. Congrats! Got your announcement yesterday. We're very happy for you!