December 12, 2013

December Update

Hello most boring blog post title ever.  The reason is, it's been so frigid cold here, we have been staying cooped up inside not doing much of anything!  I think the highest the temp has gotten since it snowed last Sat is 22 degrees.  So, here are some "Avagrams" to enjoy until I can share some other exciting news coming our way!
 Ava has been blowing on her food lately, whether it is hot or not.  This has transferred to candles now that I am lighting them daily.  She is very careful not to get her hands close to the candle at all.  I love seeing that she really is aware that it is hot.
 ^^She got silly today and decided to do a tunnel crawl under her walker to get to me :)
And we'll end with our favorite time of day, bath time! Look at those cheeks! Ava goes up to the bathtub multiple times a day and smacks the wall with her hand to tell me she wants to get in.  If only we could be pruny all day!  

And here is a fun one that I put on Facebook yesterday:
 My mom told me I was 2 years, 9 months in this pic and the story to the face I am making is: I had never ridden in/played with/or seen one of these cars before and we were at a family picnic where all the kids were taking turns riding in it and I was NOT about to let anyone else take that awesome toy away from me now that I had discovered it.  Uh oh, please don't be foreshadowing ;)

I'd also like to note that I put Ava to sleep tonight without nursing her first (which I've only done a few other times - but we're really starting it this time!) and she didn't cry! Pin It

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