October 16, 2013


 I love making trips back to Utah.  There's something about driving right along side the base of those in-your-face mountains and passing numerous beautiful temples and seeing tools get pulled over in their lifted trucks that gives me a breath of fresh air.  Going back to Provo, specifically, gives me such a warm feeling as I remember so many GREAT memories as a student there.  I was anticipating this trip for BYU's Homecoming weekend for....ever!

 We went to the Brick Oven before heading to see the amazing Homecoming Spectacular show.  I ran into Sarah Kunz and her mom there at the restaurant! I couldn't believe it, I'm trying to think how long I've known her and I don't even know...could it have been as far back as elementary school?  Anyway, she is a beautiful bride to be and I'm so excited for her :) 
 Dinner was delicious, a balloon artist came and made Ike a sword and Ivy an amazing unicorn with wings.  It was pretty entertaining for all of us to watch and Ava was glued from start to finish.  We took her to the homecoming spectacular performance, which I was terrified about because she is quite wiggly and lets us know when she wants what she wants.  But she hardly made a peep the whole night and ended up falling asleep in my arms. blessed. It was an AMAZING show!  The performing talent at BYU is unreal, they put so much work into that show.  If you get the chance, watch THIS video to hear a beautiful song by Nathan Pacheco, BYU Alumni - now opera singer!
 Our friends, Jordan and Corina, came down to Provo from Salt Lake for the blue pancake breakfast and homecoming parade.  It was so fun to watch Ike and Ivy get all excited for the dancers and performers in the parade and try and get every piece of candy possible :) We were saying how it's weird that we used to see all kinds of people that we know in the parades but now we don't know anyone!  It was still fun and the weather this whole day was P E R F E C T!
Even though we were going to JCW's later for lunch, we got a J Dawg to snack on before walking up to the bookstore (when in Rome).  Campus has changed quite a bit just in the last year and a half that we've been gone! It was so fun to see the changes and show Ava our old stomping grounds.  This corner is where it all began :) Where the path from campus came down and split in opposite directions to each of our apartment complexes.  I loved remembering our walks home from work together. 

I love Ava's face, like she's cheering for the Cougs! It was so fun to bring her to her first football game.  She loved climbing all around the bleachers and hearing the music from the band, the clapping the cheering, the cougar tail maple bar, all of it!  She looked pretty nervous the first time the crowd got wild with excitement, but she joined in as soon as she saw that we were. 

BYU dominated Georgia Tech, the weather stayed perfect all the way throughout the game, despite our preparations for frigid temps and rain.  Devin's parents were so generous to let us ride down with them and show us a fantastic time!  The food, company, and entertainment was all around spectacular, can't wait to be back again.

Our drive up the canyon will need to be a separate post...picture overload.

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  1. Ava's face in the picture at the game really is the best! Haha so funny! It sounds like your guys' weekend in Utah was a ton of fun!