August 26, 2013

My little inch worm

Ava has been moving a lot lately, but she's not quite GOING yet. It's funny to watch something get out of her initial reach and see all of the creative ways she can actually get to it without crawling. Her best form of crawling so far is "inch worming" 

And up goes the butt...
She keeps her face on the ground while she tries to push herself off with one of her legs and stretch her arm as far as possible. She usually ends up moving sideways instead of forward.
But then she always ends up frog legging out...and then she'll cry for me to pick her up. 

I think if she had other kids around that she wanted to either get to or get away from she'd figure it out pretty fast. But right now it's just me and her and she uses me to get what she wants, haha.  But we're working on it. 
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  1. She will be crawling before you know it! She is just the cutest!!!!

  2. So dang cute! haha I loved this post and seeing the pictures. I can just imagine her trying to inch her way across the floor. Miss you guys!