May 25, 2012


I decided to do this post now for a couple reasons.
1) This weekend I wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nicole, Scott, Becca, AND Sam! 4 birthdays in 3 days always meant F U N.
2) Alex and Zach are currently starting their 6 week long backpacking trip through Europe. awesome.

Devin asked me, "Are they dating?" I was like, no. They're just best friends.  And that's what I love about it.  That those two are who they are to just plan a trip to backpack through Europe before having to settle down and commit to their AWESOME jobs they have lined up in the fall.  So, good for them - I will visit Europe vicariously through them :)

It often surprises people to hear about my group of friends from high school.  6 boys, 5 girls - no crazy love triangles, etc. And that we managed to find all sorts of fun things to do that didn't revolve around alcohol or drugs.  And that we've managed to stay in contact...mostly thanks to Nicole because she would never let it be any other way!  Now we just have to wait for this wedding to bring us all back!

Blast From The Past
Off-roading in Scott's jeep through awesome forests!

The EPIC trash bag sliding
 This all started because we wanted to do a slip and slide but didn't have one so we figured it'd work to put trash bags over our bathing suits.  Well, I don't remember it working out so well as a slip and slide but they were just awesome for running around and taking stupid pictures and going to Burger King and Dairy Queen in to visit our friend Aimee :)
  Probably one of the best days ever.

Zach's surprise birthday 
 We got him a bunch of dumb presents from the $ store, namely some XXL red women's panties which he later went up to the ice cream man with and tried to use them as payment.  Don't think it worked out so well :)  Then we had races around Alex's couldesac on skateboards, scooters with recycling tubs on them, etc.  We're so awesome.

Countless bonfires :)

Senior yr spring break
  Me, Aimee, and Alex went on a FANTASTIC trip to Clearwater, FL.  We spent a day at Busch Gardens, went to a couple Phillies spring training games, and countless hours on the basically private beach behind our hotel.  LOVED IT and LOVE THEM - we had a blast! 

Zach is in all of the silly pictures, of course, because he really wasn't ashamed of anything.  Good for him :)  But we often found ourselves out and about just driving around and ending up finding something really random to do in the summer.  I think those days led us to the most adventures and made us who we were!
 Let us not forget the famous "Zach in the Box" who walked around West Chester asking girls to "turn him on"...Don't know why we saw a big box in an alley and thought to do this but it was so worth it!

Well, we've basically all graduated from college now and have big things ahead of us! I'm so proud of all of them and am so glad that even though I am far away I still feel so close to them and love them tons. 
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  1. How awesome! I met up with a few of my high school girl friends today and we were all saying how we wished we could have had a bigger, better group of friends during high school. That is so lucky/fortunate to have had. I LOVED seeing pictures of your new place in Boise, and graduation! I'm sure your new place feels like paradise compared to your basement apartment :) it looks so new and that's great it's so affordable. Can't wait to come visit sometime!!

  2. Having life-long friends is what life is all about! Enjoy them while you can, because life can be very short at times.