April 10, 2012


WOO HOO!  I finished my last class at BYU on Thursday and had my last day of student teaching on Friday.  I am officially FINISHED with my undergrad - no finals, no nothin!  Until graduation of course...
Anyway, my class and I celebrated in style :)

They all wrote me letters that my teacher made into a book and the majority of them said that their favorite lesson I did was compound words.  We spent a whole week on compound words a couple weeks ago and had a blast!  The culminating activity that I planned was a compound word Easter egg hunt!  I had all the eggs pulled apart and scattered across the back of the room - they had to find halves that matched together to make a compound word, give it to me, and then go write their word on this huge egg cut out I made.  By the end we had a whole poster filled with compound words to hang on our door :)  Obviously it would've been crazy having the whole class do this at once, so I had half the class doing the egg hunt in the back while the other half was reading books from their book bags and writing compound words they found on sticky notes, then adding the sticky note to our "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" cloud.  They were so well behaved and were so enthusiastic about finding compound words in BOTH activities - I was so impressed :)

My last day was also their last day before Spring Break, so they were all a little antsy about the upcoming Easter weekend - my teacher had them write a story about a bunny/Easter/Spring- whatever they wanted, really, but they all ended up being some type of CLEVER story about some Easter Bunny. Either she couldn't find a basket, the town lost their Easter Bunny and had to find a new one, the bunny had to keep her babies safe from hunters, and another story about what the Easter bunny does "but the real reason for Easter is because Jesus Christ was resurrected".  His parents would be proud. :)

And of course, an ice cream party :)  1st graders make the grossest ice cream sundaes, let me tell you.  But they'll eat anything!
My teacher was fantastic and really taught me to have fun with the kids - basically I just feel really lucky to have had the experiences I've had and wouldn't trade them for anything!   

Now I'm just busy getting last minute errands done, packing/organizing/cleaning, and getting all set for graduation and moving!  It's crazy to think of all the changes coming our way: moving to Boise, new(bigger, nicer, above ground) apartment, Devin's new job, starting a family, hooray! Pin It

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