April 16, 2012

20 months later...

we're still married :)  

Saturday, the 14th, we went up to the Bountiful Temple for the first time since we've been married.  We did sealings, which we also hadn't done since we were married and it was so wonderful!  The blessings we receive from the temple are such a testimony builder of the love our Father in heaven has for us and I feel it the most when I am there - the peacefulness and simple beauty of everything inside and out.  It was also a great thing to do before this busy week to come: packing, cleaning, graduation, etc. 
    As you can see, the weather was quite stormy but it was so refreshing to finally have a thunderstorm in Utah!  Carlie and Chris (Devin's cousin) live right around the corner so we had dinner with them, as well as Abram.  Carlie is also pregnant, due in October, but they are moving to Missouri so we were so glad to see them before we all part ways!

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  1. I love taking pictures at temples. Beautiful tulips!

  2. Wow, Claire, your pics are so beautiful. I love the photos of the temple--you captured that time of year perfectly! A couple of those deserve to be blown up! I'm so glad you were able to go back! There is something very endearing about visiting the temple you were married in---such good memories---for me too!!! love you