March 4, 2012



1. We had stake conference this weekend, so our usual routine of 3 hour church, starting at 2:30 was replaced by a 2 hr meeting starting at 10 am - hallelujah!  We got to enjoy the whole afternoon and what a beautiful one it was!  We've both started books, as you can see, so we took ourselves outside and soaked some rays while we read (or slept, in Devin's case).
2. DAFFODILS are sprouting on the side of our house!  This is special to me because growing up we had daffodils that grew along the whole entire side of our house and seeing those little grass-like stems made me get excited for spring to come and instantly remind me of Easter.  Seeing these sprout along the side of our apartment was a joyous time for me last year as well, except a frost came and killed most of them so I hope that doesn't happen again this year...

Not pictured:  Went to The Communal for breakfast on Saturday morning with Corina and enjoyed the best biscuits we've ever had and a German pancake with fancy lemon risotto topping.  Meanwhile, Devin and Jordan went ice fishing up at Strawberry Resevoir to freeze their butts off at 6:30 a.m., drill holes in the ice, and experience the excitement of getting really close to catching a single fish...which ended up getting away.  Fun was had by all.

Friday night we also went to a BYU Jazz Synthesis concert with guest Jon Faddis on the trumpet.
Not only is he like - the best trumpet player alive today, but he was also quite the comedian, providing us with endless entertainment...for almost 3 hours.  It was a long show, but time well spent :)

Watch this video for a taste of the great Jon Faddis:

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  1. Mmmm! Great weekend. Especially Communal!

  2. So glad you had a sunny, yummy weekend! One thing I really get nostalgic for about BYU is Synthesis concerts. So glad to see how Ray Smith has brought the program to even greater acclaim over the years. I always thought he would become a General Authority, but he's the Church's general authority of jazz instead! Hope you're having fun with all those toothless first graders.
    Love, Mom