March 16, 2012

Luck of the Irish!

Holidays are seriously TEN TIMES more fun when celebrated in elementary school! 
Although St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday, we celebrated it today, learning some things about Ireland, limericks, and other poems about leprechauns/Irish things.  Their favorite were the math centers, one of which being Graphing Skittles (the colors) and doing math problems with the amount of each color.  

And then Lucky the Leprechaun paid a visit:
(aka Mrs. P and I came and rummaged through/destroyed our classroom while the kids were at Art)

Please note- boy on the right with hands on his head like "Is this really happening?"  
The best part was:  THEY TOTALLY BOUGHT IT.  Lucky the Leprechaun REALLY visited our classroom.  The kids immediately started searching for him and coming up with traps to catch him. Haha! 
 (And of course they quickly had the disaster cleaned up in like 10 minutes because they are the most OCD 6 year olds I've ever met).  

After/while seeing the FURIOSITY in these little people were over what Lucky did, I decided they should take their anger out on paper by writing him a letter about how they felt when they walked in the classroom and saw it or what they thought of what he did.  The second I finished explaining this, kids were running up to me, grabbing paper, running to their desks, and writing like CRAZY!  I've never seen them so passionate about anything worth it !

Boy #1: Dear Lucky, Why are you so mean? Why don't you be nice if you don't no presents from Christmas.
Boy #2: Dear Lucky, You are a bad leprechaun. You're very bad.  Give me your gloud (gold). 
Boy #3: Dear Leprechaun Lucky, Please tell us where you are and where you are hiding. We need to find you Lucky! Or give us cloos (clues) to find you.  

I'm telling you, they totally fell for it. 

Girl #1: Dear Leprechaun, You will get pau bake (pay back) for this! You meany leprechaun poop. 
Girl #2: Dear Lucky, Please do not mess up our class room.  Pleas pretey pleas. Could I see you I would like some gold!!!
Girl #3: Dear Lucky, It was not funny. Maybe it was fun and funny to you.  But it was not fun to me.

Once again, another fulfilling day in 1st grade.  3 weeks down, 3 weeks to go!

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  1. I laughed and laughed picturing those little first graders' reaction to the mess in their classroom.......and at their letters. They write so well for first graders! I want to come to your class! What fun!
    Love you and can't wait to see you during spring break.