February 29, 2012

New Class

Woohoo!  I've been in a 1st grade class since Monday afternoon and loving every minute of it :) I've never gotten so many hugs in one day, they are seriously so loving - even the boys.

Favorite quotes so far

1st day/hour:
-Boy: You remind me of my aunt Mary! (as soon as I walked in the door - we've been best friends ever since)
-Wow, I like you already - I can tell I'm going to like you as much as Mrs. P
-I just love you so much (with a hug)

2nd day:
-Where are your glasses? [from my favorite girl who wears everything purple everyday, including purple glasses.  We totally bonded the first day when I was wearing glasses, too (thanks to the no sleep I got the night before, TWS)]
-(after lunch/recess)  I just thought you should know, I'm saving my chips for the bus so that I can have a yummy snack on the way home! 
-Is there anything I can help you with?  I just really want to do something for you, like - should I make you a card or something? (from purple girl)

-Purple girl: My birthday is March 11th so you can start making me a card now if you want to.  I just want some really nice cards.

Gah. so precious.

Since the TWS was turned in, this has been a pretty chill week.  Our friends, Mike and Jenna, picked us up yesterday to go to IHOP for FREE PANCAKES on National Pancake Day!  We were expecting like 1 or 2 each, but no...they gave us each THREE pancakes!! It was awesome, and so fun to see them again :)

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  1. I wish I knew about Nat. Pancake Day! Is it the last day in Feb every year? Dad

  2. Oh my gosh Claire your TWS looks professional!! I'm pretty sure mine wasn't anything that nice looking. I can't remember. I've tried to remove that section of history from memory, apparently. Good luck with your new class! They sound adorable,