December 2, 2011

'Tis The Season

Statement: This is my first fall/winter in Utah that it hasn't really snowed before December.
Opinion: I love a long lasting autumn.
So as I was unlocking my bike to go home today (which was surrounded by a carpet of crunchy leaves) it was starting to rain/snow pellet-like flakes.
It felt cold like winter - I wished I had my scarf, smelled like summer rain, and I was hearing snow-like pellets sprinkling onto crunchy autumn leaves. My seasons felt so mixed up.

However, tonight we had the chance to go to Olive Garden (thanks Mom!) with Marissa and Kyler, during which it started snowing for real and then headed to Festival of Trees!

This was my favorite wreath, I liked how different it was with the cute bird houses.  It also reminded me how crazy it is to think that birds actually make nests in people's front door wreaths.

                           Music tree!                                                      Fishing and hunting tree!


I love gingerbread! Our house last year was awesome, if I do say so myself.


Sitting in traffic let us chill while listening to Christmas music and it felt, for the first time this year, like Christmas is really right around the corner and we can't wait!
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  1. Congratulations on the big move! That's exciting, though it will be cold. I think everyone should live in a cold weather state for a few years :)
    My favorite tree at the Festival this year was the Neon Trees one. It was so cool!

  2. That was cool! I'm guessing all the signatures were from the actual band? Sweet. Thanks for the encouragement...the cold is what I'm most nervous about