October 17, 2011

First Day of School

I should have gotten a "first day of school" picture BUT I woke up and left before the sun rose so...yeah. Besides, today was "red day" at school and I wasn't wearing any...maybe tomorrow for "purple day".

All I can really say about my first day today is that there were so many surprises! TOP FIVE:
1. I went to this elementary school back in the Fall of 09 to get some observation hours to apply to my program, but I didn't realize it was the same school until today.  It's fun to think that I started both experiences in this school.
2. They sing the Star-Spangled Banner in the morning (as a school over the PA system) instead of the pledge of allegiance but my wonderful teacher has them recite the pledge afterward, anyway...double dose of being patriotic!
3. Our principal is not even 30 years old!  He is so young, I just couldn't believe it...I wonder sometimes if the teachers take him seriously.  The best part is, I got to see HIM teach today!  He came to teach a lesson in my class today because he needed it to keep his license current, or something, and had my teacher observe him.  I feel MUCH less pressure now that I've seen him take a stab at it.  One kid today asked my teacher if it was going to be a competition between her and the principal.  Love it.
4. There are kids in my class who tell me their dad goes to BYU.  Seriously? I would die if I had a 2nd grader while still going to school!
5. There is a boy in our class who has Autism but is very high functioning.  If you know anything about autism, you know they don't like to be touched or touch people very much.  Well, this boy came up and hugged me every chance he got, even before I had ever said a word to him.  The teacher saw it and said, "this is huge, he never does that."  Sometimes it's a little distracting, so I've tried transferring the constant hugging into a high 5 every once and a while but it's just such an eye opener to how much love and innocence they have.  Not just him, but all of them.  Everything they say and do in that loving manner like hugs and smiles are so sincere.

This is kind of a lot for no pictures to tag along, but long story short: my nerves of actually TEACHING this chilluns are quickly getting thrown out the window! Pin It

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