August 21, 2011

Harper visit to Alaska!

We couldn't have been more happy to have Devin's family visit, and it couldn't have been a more perfect time.  They came right when we were starting to feel beyond overworked and all we could think about was the end of the month when we get to go home. Every day was a new adventure with them here- seeing Alaska's beauty through new eyes that had not grown used to the scenery, like ours.  We needed that new, fresh appreciation for what we have around us because soon we won't be here and I know we'll miss it terribly. 
As soon as they got off the plane, we took them to McDonald's (a big deal, here) and the glacier, of course :)
 Within an hour of landing in Alaska...they see a black bear!!  (and this time I have proof)

Their first night here was celebrating their 31st Anniversary! They set a wonderful example for us and a great reminder of what we are striving for every day.
 And that night, what a glorious sight - full moon it was, look how bright! On sandy beach we stood, no rain to cause a need for hoods.
 They got to experience every type of weather Juneau has to offer - luckily, Saturday was the BEST. 65 Degrees, sunny, no wind. We finally got to hike trails at the top of Mount Roberts Tram and see these views.

(Douglas Island and sandy beach...where we live)
 (Devin has been feeling sad about missing the annual boys' backpacking trip, so having Greg here was so fun for him)

  That night we took them "out the road" to Eagle Beach, where we roasted some mean hot dogs
I love everyone's faces in this picture
Tell me that's not the best looking s'more you've ever SEEN!
Introducing Neil to roasted Starbursts sure was fun, too :)

We sent them on some tours, met them at Silverbow bagels almost every day for breakfast, and Devin finally got to take his dad and brother fishing...which ended up resulting in a visit to the emergency room - you can't go on vacation without that happening, right?  
No need for details here, but although we had quite the scare, Devin's dad is recovering smoothly and we couldn't feel more blessed- in that it could have been much worse. 
Thank you so much, Neil and Laura, for the good food, good company, rides in the rain, downtown shopping, and getting us excited to be back in just a week!
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  1. What a glorious evening on the beach! We have such fun memories of our time with you. Thanks for sharing your pics! Neil is doing much better--every day is progress!
    Love you and hope you are looking forward to some is here!
    Can't wait to see you. Love you