July 8, 2011

Go Dog, GO!

That's right, another day off - another adventure to be had :)  We called up TEMSCO, a helicopter tour company to do their dog sledding tour which occurs up on the Juneau Icefields above the Mendenhall Glacier.
 We actually got to take turns driving the back sled while she (below) drove the front one!

 Adorable little Alaskan Husky puppies :)
 Devin loved that mountain peak behind him in that picture.  Basically all the mountains up there were breathtaking, unlike anything else.

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  1. Wow! Dad's going to be so envious when he sees this post. You have a great announcer's voice, Devin. But couldn't access the second video...says it's a "private video"

  2. Those pictures are so awesome!

  3. Sorry, got the "private video" thing fixed, you should be able to watch now. And thanks about the pics, it was a BEAUtiful day