July 24, 2011

Boo work, hooray pioneers!

We have to work today, the 24th of July - also known as Pioneer Day. Finding that out kind of got me in a bad mood mostly because:
-I was already bummed about missing my Grandma's funeral yesterday since a round trip ticket in and out of Juneau would be around $1,000, maybe more and they've had us working every day this week.   
Honestly, the one summer I am actually not in Utah...figures. 
(the bright side: Devin's parents and brother were able to go, which was SO kind and thoughtful of them and really eases the longing I had to be there, especially to support my mom)

-They didn't schedule us at a time that we could still go to our ward, which means we had to call a last minute primary substitute, which we hate doing and we were really looking forward to celebrating what we could of Pioneer Day at church.
(the bright side: we can still go to the 9:00 am sac. meeting and possibly sing a pioneer song or two)

-We were going to finally go on a date to see Harry Potter last night but since we have to go to early church that got nixed and the night was spent cooking for our feast tonight
(the bright side: we're having a feast called "Christmas in July" tonight, since it's July 24th [like Dec 24th - Christmas Eve] and we're going to have delicious food...more to come on that)

More on the bright side:
-My Grandma gets to spend Pioneer Day celebrating with her ancestors :)
-It's July, and it's been sunny and beautiful for four days straight, now
-Devin's parents and Greg come in just under three weeks, as well as our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
-We go back to Utah in just about one month! (where did summer go?!)

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  1. wow I love that picture! Could it be more perfect? We've wished alot that you guys could be here with us. Sure miss you this summer. Hope the next couple weeks go well and you can party with mom and dad. Love yoU!

  2. I took this on the most beautiful morning and just wished so badly that all of you could be here with us or vice versa. There's so many things we miss about spending the summer with you guys and can't wait to be back!