November 20, 2010

Harry Potter in all it's forms

So as you all know, I have kind of brainwashed Devin into liking Harry Potter, hence the fact that he got me all 6 dvds in anticipation for the 7th movie :)  I read all the books way back when, but I needed some refreshers so, we've been marathon watching them since last week, and although he makes fun of almost everything, I know he secretly likes it because he stays awake to finish when I fall asleep during the last 45 min of every single movie.  Anyway, BYU is full of Harry Potter fans and here is a little proof:

My work (The Student Activities Board) held a "Harry Potter Fest" on Wednesday night and lots of people came out to celebrate.  We had Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean contests, HP trivia, a costume contest, and this is a huge line that never ended for "Ollivander's Wand Shop" where the wand (a twig in a shoebox) "chose them".  They just ate it up, while my coworker was busy running around outside to find more twigs to fill the shoeboxes with :)  We also had part of the terrace decorated in house colors and set up a quidditch match.  The boys you see there were our "Snitches" :)
People even came dressed up like this adorable little boy as Harry Potter and this guy as Voldemort.
So yes, the 7th movie (part 1) finally came out at midnight on Thursday night, which is why I have one more piece of evidence to show how crazy Provo is for Harry Potter.

The bell towers at BYU usually play "Come Come Ye Saints", but instead they played the Harry Potter theme song every hour, on the hour in lieu of the new movie :)

Devin and I weren't crazy enough to go to at midnight like everyone else, but we did go the next night.  We could tell that a lot more money was put into this movie, and thought it was WELL worth it! :)
Funny side note: We laugh after every movie because as soon as it is over, the first credit to come on the screen is "Directed by David Yates".  That is the name of our brother-in-law, who I don't picture to be a Harry Potter director :)
Sadly, we have to wait until next July to see the final movie, but maybe I can convince Devin to read all the books by then...
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